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The Mad Chatters Podcast | Walt Disney World and Around the Disney Universe

Jan 19, 2022

With the recent return of The Amazing Race, which is currently airing its 33rd season on CBS, we thought it would be fun to dream up a season of the show that took place entirely on Walt Disney World property. We asked Dan Heaton, host of The Tomorrow Society podcast and fellow fan of the CBS reality show, to help us come up with ideas for challenges teams would have to complete if The Amazing Race were to have a Walt Disney World-themed season. Come join the fun as we share the wacky tasks, challenging obstacles, and Disney-themed escapades we’d love to see teams face throughout the parks and resorts (48:56). (Listener discretion advised. The discussion might cause a desire to binge old seasons of the now 20-year-old reality show.)

Also on this episode, Dan and Derek compete in a game of Something Rotten, in which they must guess which of two Disney films has a lower score on Rotten Tomatoes (29:25). Plus, Derek gives a full report on his experience running the 10K and the half marathon during this year’s Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend (01:00).

On your marks. Get set. Let’s race!

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